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Buffy and Harry and Kyou-Kyou, oh my!

So today has been a complete loaf. Not complaining, as it's been very nice. Well, there is the tiny problem that I can't seem to stop being hungry, but it's okay because there's nothing in the house to eat.

Started reading HP5:Order of the Phoenix, but it hasn't grabbed me yet. I'll read the whole thing through though... eventually...

Still workin' on my Buffy/FB crossover. I think it's going well. I just wish I could decide on a title already. I keep being all wishy-washy about it.

Watched more of BTVS season four. Some really good parts in there, but overall, not a strong seasonal arc. Riley's still a yawn, but not hate-worthy.

I remember, back a few months ago reading in someone's journal a list of their favorite, memorable BTVS moments. I remember going "word" to like all of them. The cool thing is that I found it again, so I'm going to link to it, lest it becomes lost in my memories again. Because really, reading this list reminds me of why I was so obsessed with the show in the first place.

Annie's List of Favorite Buffy Moments

It's a long list, but pretty comprehensive. My favorite moment is hard to say. I'll go with Joyce's death.
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