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Finally finished the fifth Harry Potter book. I'm not going to be too spoilery about it or anything, just a few rantings and ravings. Dumbledore is awesome. I love that guy. Harry's dad was a prick (at fifteen), and Harry's not faring much better himself. I want to punch his lights out. He's pulling a damn Shinji. He'd better SIU, or I'll cheer that Voldermort kill his ass in the upcoming book.

If I even decide to read it. I probably will. I've lived through series with hating the protagonist before. It's just not as much fun as Buffy where I love the main character. I guess Hermione and Ron make up for Harry's shortcomings.

I don't know where you got your Snape info, Kathleen. I didn't get much from him at all.

Padre was great, and Galveston will be, too, especially since I don't have to pay for my meals and stuff. I'll still be penny-pinching, though. That's about it. Oh, first....

You are... George!
The oddball leader of ParaKiss is probably the
least understood character. Which means you, my
friend, are one weird creature.

Which Paradise Kiss character are you?
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That is such shit. I'd understand it more even if I got Isabella (the drag queen, for the uninformed). Oh well. I suppose I am snobbish and "hott". (rolling of eyes goes here).
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