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Well, I've done it this time

Yeah. If you have eyes, you'll notice I changed my journal again. If you know me at all, you're probably wondering what the hell is happening.

I've been on a real J-Rock kick lately, especially Gackt (who you're lookin' at), and Malice Mizer, a visual rock band Gackt left in 1999 (the fact that I know this appalls me). I've been lucky enough to find plenty of mp3 sites with their stuff, so it's been easy gettin'. Well, for some reason that is beyond me, I became interested in what these bands looked like. I mean, I knew I liked their music...

Gackt is weird, though. I mean, he changes looks like with every single he releases (and he has like 20 singles out). So some pictures of him are just freaky, and others I think are really cool. Hence the layout. Plus, his voice and music is enough to get me fangirly, but I do have SOME sanity left, okay?

I'll never figure out the attraction though. For one, I don't like blondes! Yet I was a hardcore Spike (BTVS) fangirl, and I pretty much adore Gackt in his blonde-ness and not otherwise. Maybe it's the leather? Also, he wears more make-up than me, and he's thinner than I could ever hope to be. I mean, since when does that equal sexy?!

Oh well. I will hope that this is nothing more than a phase, and until then, please bear with my backgrounds (I know guys read this journal, sorry). Ugh. I've become all I ever hated. *sobs*

I think I feel an appropriate amount of shame here, though. ^_^
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