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Song of the Moon

Okay, gotta make this sorta quick. Went to my math class... lotsa girls in there, mainly because it's one of the math classes required to go the career path of nursing. The teacher's a little spacy, and a new textbook is gonna cost $105. I'm hoping to find it used. Other than all of that, the class is going to be a piece of cake.

Yet another Gackt song review (at least I don't ramble, right? Right? Guys?). The deal is, I downloaded a crap load of his songs, but ended up listening to the ones that caught me right away. Today I let all of them play through, and "Tsuki no Uta" (song of the moon) really blew me away. The beginning is unassuming and quiet, so it doesn't have anything catchy to it. There's this part in the middle, though, where he sings, "tsuki no uta," and he does this quiet, falsetto thing on "uta". I must be just a pathetic fangirl, but it almost made me cry, it was so beautiful. I've never heard a guy sing and be beautiful before.

Okay, I'm done. ^_^ No Simpsons today. Sleep now.
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