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I'll be hug your pain

School starts Monday. I work all weekend. Not looking forward to the former, really. Work has been okay lately. I still wish we were busier, though I can usually keep myself occupied making cakes. I'm getting really good at that, too, go me. ^_^

Well, I'm disappointed that we won't be getting a dog for a good long while now. We're going to have one of Chewy's (that's my aunt's bichon) kids, so we have to wait for Lily to be in heat. After they do their thing, it'll be about four months (two months for gestation and birth, and another two months for the puppy to be ready to leave its mother) before we get our pup. But it'll be nice to keep the tradition of having a dog whose father is owned by my aunt. I guess. ^^ It's nice not to have that financial burden on my shoulders just yet, though, as I'm still a bit in debt. Hopefully this next check will cover the majority of it, though.

And since my existence is defined right now by my love of j-rock, I can't go an entry without at least talking a bit about it. Actually, I want to yap about w-inds, which a j-pop band. I've been downloading a bunch of their stuff, and about every 1 out of 3 songs I don't like at all. Just imagine a japanese Backstreet Boys and you've got w-inds. I love their song "Paradox", though. It is so damn catchy, I bet even Plug would like it.

...kay, maybe not. ^_- The lyrics are cheesy as hell, but that's not surprising. Japanese or not, it's still bubblegum pop, which equals shallow but sadly entrancing. And with some having titles like "I'll will be there", you know you've got a winner. It's lonely like a bird, but it's a really free like bird!

That's it for me. Nighty night. "Hey! Is that a camera in the ceiling?" "No. Go back to sleep."
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