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obligatory update time

Okay. I figure I should opt to update this thing at least twice a week, just to pretend to be useful. This one's going to be another menagerie of my opinions on various things.

Topic I -- L'arc-en-Ciel, HYDE vs. Gackt, "Forbidden Lover" video

I downloaded the music video for "Forbidden Lover", a mediocre L'arc song. Let's just say it would beat out Gackt's "Kimi no" video I mentioned last update if not for one thing: the sound on the version I downloaded is like a second behind the video. This means HYDE looks like he's poorly lip-synching every line, when in actuality the video just sucks. :/ It really bites, because his facial expressions when he sings are so cool to look at. And turning the sound down ruins the effect, too. Damn, that boy has some pipes on him. It seems like it should be painful to scream the way he does, but I really adore it. Objectively, I most likely enjoy his music and voice more than Gackt's, it's just HYDE can be downright scary to look at sometimes.

Tetsu (L'arc guitarist), is so cute in that video. He's the one with the (sometimes) orange hair. Now that he's solo, too, and I've heard his songs, it's hard to reconcile his voice with his appearance. He sounds all nasal and kind of bad, but oh well.

Topic II -- Storm of the Century (gasp, a sorta-movie review!)

SotC (like I'm going to type out the whole thing) was the miniseries/movie type thing ABC played over the past week. It was written by Stephen King, and I remember seeing it before. I definitely liked it more this time around. Linoge is a great villain, and I love the whole Town Hall bit where they debate giving into his demands. Then the repercussions, where you can tell Molly is just destroyed by the choice she made, is classic. It's not too deep, but not shallow. Typical Stephen King fare, I guess.

The thing that bugs me is they hint that Linoge, being a anagram of the demon "legion," is in fact legion. But why would he need a replacement since the whole thing of legion is "we are many"? Didn't really get fleshed out very well, or maybe I'm too dumb to get it.

Either way...

Eh, that's all I can manage to dredge out of my mind. "Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted. Let's go home." "We are home." "That was fast."
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