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I LIVE! [September 26th 2003|04:54pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Not happily, mind you, but yes, I am alive. My classes are killers, even the distance learning ones I thought would be breezy. It sucks because I've been in such a creative mood lately and had no time to channel it into writing (which I am so itching to do right now). Instead I've been drawing a lot. You should see my Fruits Basket characters, Kathleen. If I do say so myself, they're awesome. ^_^

That's all for now. Byes.

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WOW, two in one day. Both Pointless! [September 8th 2003|09:16pm]
I just had to immortalize this for myself.

Behold... video-game-ized Gackt!

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Like I'm gonna tell you... [September 8th 2003|01:53pm]
I haven't had time (literally) to update this thing.

At least it means I'll have this layout for awhile.

Obligatory: ^_^

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Song of the Moon [August 25th 2003|01:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay, gotta make this sorta quick. Went to my math class... lotsa girls in there, mainly because it's one of the math classes required to go the career path of nursing. The teacher's a little spacy, and a new textbook is gonna cost $105. I'm hoping to find it used. Other than all of that, the class is going to be a piece of cake.

Yet another Gackt song review (at least I don't ramble, right? Right? Guys?). The deal is, I downloaded a crap load of his songs, but ended up listening to the ones that caught me right away. Today I let all of them play through, and "Tsuki no Uta" (song of the moon) really blew me away. The beginning is unassuming and quiet, so it doesn't have anything catchy to it. There's this part in the middle, though, where he sings, "tsuki no uta," and he does this quiet, falsetto thing on "uta". I must be just a pathetic fangirl, but it almost made me cry, it was so beautiful. I've never heard a guy sing and be beautiful before.

Okay, I'm done. ^_^ No Simpsons today. Sleep now.

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I'll be hug your pain [August 22nd 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

School starts Monday. I work all weekend. Not looking forward to the former, really. Work has been okay lately. I still wish we were busier, though I can usually keep myself occupied making cakes. I'm getting really good at that, too, go me. ^_^

Well, I'm disappointed that we won't be getting a dog for a good long while now. We're going to have one of Chewy's (that's my aunt's bichon) kids, so we have to wait for Lily to be in heat. After they do their thing, it'll be about four months (two months for gestation and birth, and another two months for the puppy to be ready to leave its mother) before we get our pup. But it'll be nice to keep the tradition of having a dog whose father is owned by my aunt. I guess. ^^ It's nice not to have that financial burden on my shoulders just yet, though, as I'm still a bit in debt. Hopefully this next check will cover the majority of it, though.

And since my existence is defined right now by my love of j-rock, I can't go an entry without at least talking a bit about it. Actually, I want to yap about w-inds, which a j-pop band. I've been downloading a bunch of their stuff, and about every 1 out of 3 songs I don't like at all. Just imagine a japanese Backstreet Boys and you've got w-inds. I love their song "Paradox", though. It is so damn catchy, I bet even Plug would like it.

...kay, maybe not. ^_- The lyrics are cheesy as hell, but that's not surprising. Japanese or not, it's still bubblegum pop, which equals shallow but sadly entrancing. And with some having titles like "I'll will be there", you know you've got a winner. It's lonely like a bird, but it's a really free like bird!

That's it for me. Nighty night. "Hey! Is that a camera in the ceiling?" "No. Go back to sleep."

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obligatory update time [August 18th 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Okay. I figure I should opt to update this thing at least twice a week, just to pretend to be useful. This one's going to be another menagerie of my opinions on various things.

Topic I -- L'arc-en-Ciel, HYDE vs. Gackt, "Forbidden Lover" video

I downloaded the music video for "Forbidden Lover", a mediocre L'arc song. Let's just say it would beat out Gackt's "Kimi no" video I mentioned last update if not for one thing: the sound on the version I downloaded is like a second behind the video. This means HYDE looks like he's poorly lip-synching every line, when in actuality the video just sucks. :/ It really bites, because his facial expressions when he sings are so cool to look at. And turning the sound down ruins the effect, too. Damn, that boy has some pipes on him. It seems like it should be painful to scream the way he does, but I really adore it. Objectively, I most likely enjoy his music and voice more than Gackt's, it's just HYDE can be downright scary to look at sometimes.

Tetsu (L'arc guitarist), is so cute in that video. He's the one with the (sometimes) orange hair. Now that he's solo, too, and I've heard his songs, it's hard to reconcile his voice with his appearance. He sounds all nasal and kind of bad, but oh well.

Topic II -- Storm of the Century (gasp, a sorta-movie review!)

SotC (like I'm going to type out the whole thing) was the miniseries/movie type thing ABC played over the past week. It was written by Stephen King, and I remember seeing it before. I definitely liked it more this time around. Linoge is a great villain, and I love the whole Town Hall bit where they debate giving into his demands. Then the repercussions, where you can tell Molly is just destroyed by the choice she made, is classic. It's not too deep, but not shallow. Typical Stephen King fare, I guess.

The thing that bugs me is they hint that Linoge, being a anagram of the demon "legion," is in fact legion. But why would he need a replacement since the whole thing of legion is "we are many"? Didn't really get fleshed out very well, or maybe I'm too dumb to get it.

Either way...

Eh, that's all I can manage to dredge out of my mind. "Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted. Let's go home." "We are home." "That was fast."

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Another month, another layout [August 13th 2003|07:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yup, more Gackt. The plan was to do a HYDE layout, but I just couldn't find any visually appealing piccies. ^^;; Well, he's good looking in some pictures, but not enough to use as a background for my journal. The problem is, his lyrics are WAY more meaningful to me than Gackt's. It's weird, because I like Gackt's music more, but I like Hyde's lyrics. Figures.

The screencaps on the background are from Gackt's music video for "Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto" (What I Can Do For You). It's the first music video of his I downloaded, and it's also my favorite of the ones I've seen so far. At first, it made me laugh because it's just going along all slow with him sitting and barely lip synching, then it cuts to a close up of him in that room, and his entire face is alive with emotion. Now I kinda like it, how he's sitting around all expressionless, but in the "blue shots", he's full of emotion and passion. Very sexy.

Yes, I am a talent whore. As annoying as it is to have a crush on a 'celebrity' (especially one with a tendency to look so feminine sometimes -_-), it's also kind of neat to have that kind of feeling again. It's been FOREVER. And it's not like I haven't liked "odd" celebs before. Jim Carrey, anyone?

*laughs* I had The Mask memorized. Now that's bad.

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P.S. [August 10th 2003|03:34am]
[ mood | crazy ]


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I didn't take the motherfucking cookie, bitch. [August 10th 2003|02:56am]
[ mood | drained ]

Hello. I am to the point of exhaustion and I haven't done jack shit all day. Anusbi. I like dogs, but my mother is driving me insane with her pickiness and general indecisiveness. WINGED POTATOES! Kathleen likes winged potatoes, or so the Germans would have us believe. I think there's something wrong with this hallway. "Come on in! It's your master bedroom! Ow, my nose."

We're laughing like hyenas, now, but help! I deleted it all. Oh well, what was I saying? Right, second wind. Crap. It sucks. K -- it sucks like a vacuum, a black hole, and is cool like lava isn't. ^__^_^_^_^_^_^_^^^^^^_____^^_

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HELP! Another ball has appeared. WE ARE DOOMED!

If you cut every corner it is really not so bad.
Sherry Bobbins.


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Meh [July 24th 2003|12:48pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Finally finished the fifth Harry Potter book. I'm not going to be too spoilery about it or anything, just a few rantings and ravings. Dumbledore is awesome. I love that guy. Harry's dad was a prick (at fifteen), and Harry's not faring much better himself. I want to punch his lights out. He's pulling a damn Shinji. He'd better SIU, or I'll cheer that Voldermort kill his ass in the upcoming book.

If I even decide to read it. I probably will. I've lived through series with hating the protagonist before. It's just not as much fun as Buffy where I love the main character. I guess Hermione and Ron make up for Harry's shortcomings.

I don't know where you got your Snape info, Kathleen. I didn't get much from him at all.

Padre was great, and Galveston will be, too, especially since I don't have to pay for my meals and stuff. I'll still be penny-pinching, though. That's about it. Oh, first....

You are... George!
The oddball leader of ParaKiss is probably the
least understood character. Which means you, my
friend, are one weird creature.

Which Paradise Kiss character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

That is such shit. I'd understand it more even if I got Isabella (the drag queen, for the uninformed). Oh well. I suppose I am snobbish and "hott". (rolling of eyes goes here).

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Well, I've done it this time [July 11th 2003|03:03am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Yeah. If you have eyes, you'll notice I changed my journal again. If you know me at all, you're probably wondering what the hell is happening.

I've been on a real J-Rock kick lately, especially Gackt (who you're lookin' at), and Malice Mizer, a visual rock band Gackt left in 1999 (the fact that I know this appalls me). I've been lucky enough to find plenty of mp3 sites with their stuff, so it's been easy gettin'. Well, for some reason that is beyond me, I became interested in what these bands looked like. I mean, I knew I liked their music...

Gackt is weird, though. I mean, he changes looks like with every single he releases (and he has like 20 singles out). So some pictures of him are just freaky, and others I think are really cool. Hence the layout. Plus, his voice and music is enough to get me fangirly, but I do have SOME sanity left, okay?

I'll never figure out the attraction though. For one, I don't like blondes! Yet I was a hardcore Spike (BTVS) fangirl, and I pretty much adore Gackt in his blonde-ness and not otherwise. Maybe it's the leather? Also, he wears more make-up than me, and he's thinner than I could ever hope to be. I mean, since when does that equal sexy?!

Oh well. I will hope that this is nothing more than a phase, and until then, please bear with my backgrounds (I know guys read this journal, sorry). Ugh. I've become all I ever hated. *sobs*

I think I feel an appropriate amount of shame here, though. ^_^

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Buffy and Harry and Kyou-Kyou, oh my! [June 29th 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

So today has been a complete loaf. Not complaining, as it's been very nice. Well, there is the tiny problem that I can't seem to stop being hungry, but it's okay because there's nothing in the house to eat.

Started reading HP5:Order of the Phoenix, but it hasn't grabbed me yet. I'll read the whole thing through though... eventually...

Still workin' on my Buffy/FB crossover. I think it's going well. I just wish I could decide on a title already. I keep being all wishy-washy about it.

Watched more of BTVS season four. Some really good parts in there, but overall, not a strong seasonal arc. Riley's still a yawn, but not hate-worthy.

I remember, back a few months ago reading in someone's journal a list of their favorite, memorable BTVS moments. I remember going "word" to like all of them. The cool thing is that I found it again, so I'm going to link to it, lest it becomes lost in my memories again. Because really, reading this list reminds me of why I was so obsessed with the show in the first place.

Annie's List of Favorite Buffy Moments

It's a long list, but pretty comprehensive. My favorite moment is hard to say. I'll go with Joyce's death.

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Goodnight, Chief [June 25th 2003|01:00am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I'm about to get to bed here, but just a quick update before I go. I'm not going to rant for endless hours, but I figure if I start releasing my pent-up emotions here, I'm much less likely to blow up unfairly at an innocent party and majorly fuck things up.

I have to say a quick thanks to both parties involved, for being understanding with me and forgiving my stupid actions.

So, yeah, I guess I'm happy. My eyes are puffy and sore from all the crying I've done today and nothing has really changed drastically to improve my mood, but things are looking up, oddly. Maybe watching Buffy helped. ^_^

I can't help it, I guess. Cheerful Buffy makes for Cheerful Heather. Weird how that works.

I'll leave with a Buffy quote-age, from "Earshot" when Buffy gets the ability to read minds:

XANDER: (thoughts) What am I gonna do? I think about sex all the time! Sex! Help! 4 times 5 is thirty. 5 times 6 is 32. Naked girls. Naked Women! Naked Buffy! Oh stop me!

BUFFY: God Xander! Is that all you think about?

XANDER: Actually... bye. (Xander runs from the library)

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Colors of the Wind.... whatever [June 22nd 2003|10:06pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Okay, I can't make a poll because I don't know how, so if you want to give me your opinion, just give me a comment.

Which is the best?

-Deep, blood red (NOT MAROON)
-Dark blue (royal, not navy)
-Dark green (forest green)
-Dark purple (not violet)

I would say my favorite is deep blood red. You know, because of the evil. I'd also like to know your ideas on which two of the above pair the best together. I know you are all guys, and you have no color sense, but I'd like to know your opinions anyway.

Thanks. ^^

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An Anti-Ranty Rant Rant Rant (aarrrr!) [June 19th 2003|12:48am]
[ mood | content ]

Now before this is read, I must make a disclaimer that it's late. I'm tired, I've had a really emotionally twisted day, so maybe I'm not in the more saner of my moments. Screw that, I've got some anti-ranting (raving?) to do.

I've been waxing philosophic with some of my friends as well as other people lately. For example, me and Plug always seem to end up talking about deep stuff, and me and Kathleen do as well. I know I've mentioned my fear of death to Plug several times, and the fact that I'm frustrated by the lack of purpose in life. After thinking long and hard, I've come to only one conclusion.

Life is worthwhile because of others.

Now before you go, "The hell? You, who hates everyone, is preaching the 'people are great' anthem? Get serious."

Now, the fact that I'm a hypocritical, wishy-washy bitch shouldn't be anything new to those who know me (those who read this ^^). I'm moody and irritable. However, one thing that remains constant, (never mind what I may think in a moment of anger or sadness), is that I love my friends.

I've never been one to have a bazillion friends. I prefer to have only a few really good, close friends, and some nice casual acquaintances. And the fact that of my current few, half live far away from me doesn't bother me, either, because I can still get to know them well. I suppose I'm easily pleased, I can agree with that. I know I wont be 'friends forever' with most of these people, as friends drift apart, break away, come and go like a snap. The point I'm trying to make is that, right now, I am happy because of my friends.

I'm scared of the future. I'm scared to go out on my own. I'm scared to get in the car and drive down the street for God's sake. It's hard for me to get the motivation to do the things I know need to be done. Yet, as long as I have my friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if they all up and left me now, I wouldn't be sad, because the fact is they enriched my life by being a part of it, for however briefly. I'm sad that I don't get to see Sondra anymore, but all of my experiences with her are memories I wouldn't trade away for anything. Seeing her last year, out of nowhere, was the highlight of my day, because I could tell that she feels the same. We were best friends that grew apart, but we'll always have the memories.

So David, Kathleen, Cyrus, Preston, thanks for being my friends. I hate to get all Kaworu Nagisa on you, but I really mean it. Because of you, my life is worthwhile.

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Blah [June 4th 2003|12:02am]
[ mood | blah ]

Yes, I have changed the background again. It takes about a minute to load, so if you like Hatori goodness, please wait. I can't change the border colors for the tables as the dumb lj won't let me edit the style as my paid account has expired. I got around it by being sneaky and overriding the shit. Though I don't know why I bother since it's not like I come to this place all that often except once a month and to visit my friend's journals. Maybe I'll just get rid of the borders.

Hatori's past was so tragic. That scene makes me overwhelmingly sad every time I see it. The pity I feel for a fake character is pretty ridiculous.

Eh, I'm boring.

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Puppies! [May 15th 2003|02:24pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Added some Fruits Basket icons to replace the weird miscellaneous anime girl ones. I hope to do a FB layout for my journal, as soon as I can figure out which character to showcase.

I'm so happy, I'm volunteering with the PAWS people who come down to PetsMart. Tomorrow I get to spend 5 hours with the doggies and puppies. I'm going to tell my mom that she doesn't have to feel obligated to buy a puppy just because I want a pet. Maybe being with the dogs sometimes will help quell my longing for animals. And if not, then I hope she still considers buying one. ^_^

Off to work (hell). Ugh.

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Sorry so late ^^;; [May 9th 2003|06:00pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Now that finals are over, it's go time. ^^

Pointless Survey.... LET'S GO!

Name your three favorite bands:

These are going to be Japanese because I have no life.
-Megumi Ogata

Name your three favorite movies:

-Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
-The Outsiders
-Monsters Inc.

Name your three favorite songs:

-"People Seized with Life" Chrono Cross
-"Sadame" X the Series
-"Words" the Bee Gees

Name your three favorite foods:


Name your three favorite fanfics:

-"It's Never Over" moutons
-"Who am I?" herself
-this space for rent ^^

Name your three favorite memories:

-Brittania Manor (holy shit that was fun)
-Plug's second visit (the first was sorta dampened by the mom chaffeuring)
-Astroworld with Astronomy class

Name your three favorite anime series:

-Fruits Basket
-this space also for rent ^_-

Name your role model:

-Buffy Summers (seasons 1-5)

If you could be stranded on a desert island, what (yup) three things would you take?:

-Puff ^^

Name your three favorite TV shows:

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 1-5, season 6 eps.1-8)
-American Idol

Name your three favorite beverages:

-Dr. Pepper
-strawberry smoothies
-water (yes, I am odd)

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I have gotta be tired.... [April 30th 2003|03:39am]
[ mood | touched ]

“My mom was a beautiful human being, Jack. She lit up the lives of everyone she touched, and I tried so hard to be like that when I was younger. Do you know what I found out? Nobody wanted me to touch their lives. Nobody wanted to be near me. My only friend was the least popular girl in school, besides me, anyway. I was so miserable back then, trying so hard to be someone I wasn’t. Yet I was afraid to be the real me, because if they had rejected me then, it would have been even more painful, because they would have been rejecting me. But you know what I realized? I don’t even know who the hell me is. I still don’t know. All I know is that who you see right in front of you is not Ari Dyser. It can’t be. Because if it is…” Ari paused, lifting her eyes to Jack’s unwavering gaze. “…then I hate me.”

I don't know why, but I really like this. What do you think, Plug?

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Eeeeeeeeee! [April 19th 2003|01:38pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Okay, I'm done being insane. Carry on.

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